Program Overview

Masterpiece Mentorship is a survivor led long-term mentoring program for survivors of sexual exploitation who are ready to start or continue their healing journey. Our tri-faceted approach allows us to walk them through the journey of identity, purpose and application. These are the three phases of our program.


(Identity): In this phase we meet survivors where they’re at. Forming a relationship and trust between the mentor and mentee. Our focus for this phase is:

  • Self-identification - most ladies don’t realize that they were trafficked until they learn the signs of sex trafficking

  • Identity as a daughter of the King

  • Personality and temperament tests

  • Healthy relationships

  • One-on-one counseling

  • Inner healing


(Purpose): In this phase, after 3-4 months of building trust and relationship in phase of Reach, we begin the process of helping each survivor discover her gifts, talents and abilities. Many already come with great skills but were misused out in the life. By providing workshops from different business owners in several trades, we hope to inspire their creativity to learn a specific trade with the goal of entrepreneurship. For 12-15 months we will walk with each survivor through the process of discovering their purpose, their passion, and the trade they want to pursue. Our focus in this phase will be:

  • To expose her to several business options within the wedding or DIY industry​

  • Teach her to use common computer software

  • Financial literacy (personal and business budget)

  • Self-care importance

  • Ministry as a career development training

  • Leadership development


(Application): in this phase, after a year or more of being in our program, it’s time to apply everything she’s learned along the way. This phase is helping her find her wings and learn how to fly. Our focus in this phase is:

  • Business mentoring (partnering her with a business owner in the area she’s passionate about)

  • Internships

  • Scholarships

  • GED or College enrollment

  • Specialized workshops

    1. Website design

    2. Funnels

    3. Branding

    4. Digital Marketing

    5. Apply for a personal or business loan

    6. How to write your business plan

Masterpiece Mentorship


Registered Charity: Higher Ground a Resource Center: 27-3585869

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